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2023-02-23Easy BSD http://5md.at/l/easybsd
2023-01-22Thiago Motta.. http://5md.at/l/c260e00
2023-01-22Puberty atmosphere http://5md.at/l/julio
2023-01-08Premier Parody http://5md.at/l/1131c10
2023-01-07At a certain point in time my wife said to our doughter: Be patient I need to pee. Martina heard her mom esclamatiom promptly replied: Mom, you can do it in the bed Come on. And me: Ah yess, you have also this option.
2022-12-29La canzone della cacca https://youtu.be/MfwdLiwLLqk
2022-12-27My daughter is not yet able to spell the R. Now, I can not grasp if dr. Martina is saying -La pilla- for give me the greens or -Respira- for breath, pls.. She is a so special doctor..
2022-12-04Blog, one like more http://5md.at/l/blog
2022-11-09She already got the point.. https://5md.at/l/omg
2022-11-05It started class these days.. http://5md.at/l/class
2022-10-11Coolest basketball player ever http://5md.at/l/player
2022-09-20Our daughter just took the fever to her dolly Molly, by the ruler.... saying that Molly has 36..
2022-09-16If you want to laugh a lot try the bolognese dialect version of the User Translation page on SqueeJS http://5md.at/l/utrans
2022-09-16I confirm I am the only one at home able to launch a suppository medicine for the fever between a pair of buttocks
2022-09-04This night pizza from the takeaway. I phoned to the pizzeria to place the order. Me: Hi, I am Mr. --- and I want the usual giant pizza. The pizzeria: Do not worry your pizza is on its way, just departed Me: Well - you know - I havent order yet..
2022-08-27If this is the football, I offer myself too, 46 years old, to Naple AS, I have always scored and I finally want to play with Ronaldo. There are some cons, like I have no agent to pension but I believe the quality matters. Please call my phone number
2022-08-26News of the day: Moderna takes in judge Pfizer..
2022-08-26New Ideas Cafe became 1Euro Ideas Cafe http://1euroideas.com
2022-08-25My daughter in the countryside: Hey, the mosquitos are smart really not like the engineers
2022-07-17Martina Catch Up https://youtu.be/N4BE5O5oSiM
2022-06-29Trovo sarcastico che mentre la cultura secolare cinese nasconde perfettamente il progresso dellOriente la nostra cultura aperta e trasparente evidenzia il regresso dellOccidente - CNN
2022-06-27Call to the sea: in facts, after oxygen, there is more silicon available than any other element, and you can find it easily on the beach in rocks and sand.
2022-06-23Just discovered the php function easter_date. Do not ask me more about Easter, do it yourself -- Pope Francis
2022-06-06New layout http://5md.at/l/layout
2022-06-06In 1899, Charles H. Duell, Director of the US Patent Office, famously said: Everything that can be invented has been invented - defending the status quo.
2022-05-31In this circle, we are all in this mood, I guess.. http://5md.at/l/mood
2022-05-30Just found around about the band of the nail shopper and wholesaler: Nine Inch Nails, an american rock band...
2022-05-26Time for Socials: Keep it to yourself https://5md.at/l/keepit
2022-04-26Twitter case solved: Suddenly a group of fools started to spread the world by a new startup named Twitter - We are censuring the world with the more sophisticated social survelliance technologies. If you want to stop us, buy us and make us rich -. Today, Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter..
2022-04-26Metaverse meme http://5md.at/l/08e0ed3
2022-04-26And they say she is similar to me http://5md.at/l/8e8395a
2022-04-2373 years olds by skate do not try it: http://5md.at/l/73skate
2022-03-03Waiting to fly again.. https://5md.at/l/737996a
2022-02-28Yesterday, I made the confidence to my dad that during my 5 years stay in Shanghai indeed I remained completely isolated from the Nato media without particular sufferences.. Dont ask me if he was surprised: when you are aligned, you are aligned - dot.
2022-02-27Due to the religious attention that my wife has for me Im going to wear a burka. Please advice a chinese market that sell burkas here in Bologna, thx a lot
2022-02-26IMHO, It seems necessary to concive a VISA just to make speak aligned with not aligned ppl..
2022-01-23Im continuing asking myself whats the difference between the Vikings and the Mongols, who is showing itself more barbar? And the IT is coming into the rescue?
2022-01-20In few words, the Covid test became the new condom for the line at the supermarket and the pharmacy. The difference is all about the possibility to infect who is taking you for the ass..
2021-12-10For all the turtles of this world. Im a rabbit, almost from the chinese zodiac.. https://5md.at/l/6bf1e22
2021-12-09Protectionism is just a pain if it is not coupled with a good economical and political transformation. Instead I find the international tax named Covid a good starting point, less people around and more money to the corporations. Im searching job. -- dogbert
2021-12-09Having a great logic doesnt worth if you use it mostly to solve the others puzzles.
2021-12-06Gosh thank you for npm and any javascript clone of Perl - we absolutely missed them.
2021-12-06Dilbert new keyboard project https://5md.at/l/cf65f89
2021-12-06Better a cubicle or a cellar? Let me know.
2021-11-26Toddler does bottle flip https://youtu.be/25qXbrH9gBo
2021-10-07Reputation manager 5.5-perpetual https://5md.at/l/193ecd7
2021-09-11Searching retired developers over 30 to play cards in good company. Please apply by a cv with a picture. Thx.
2021-09-11Did you ever wonder that the word dessert has just one more s than the word desert? : So attention to the dessert..
2021-08-30What is by your own opinion the rapport between the women who like men : the women who hate men?
2021-07-05If you build a road, the travellers will arrive. -- Chinese proverb
2021-05-03Funny joystick http://5md.at/l/a138832
2021-04-28Clipper Summer 87 Unboxing https://youtu.be/zDErWBhQBf8
2021-04-26IBM : Commodore = Microsoft : Opensource, right?
2021-04-23Saturalia and the Christmas origins http://5md.at/l/2573387
2021-03-07Il populismo si combatte senza la puzza sotto al naso. -- Nicola Zingaretti
2021-02-23Lose yourself to dance https://youtu.be/WZ8vp7D1hrI
2021-02-19Longevity http://5md.at/l/7756132
2020-12-16Covid times: http://5md.at/l/79fec99
2020-12-11Unix was not only an improvement on its predecessors but also on most of its successors. -- Doug Mcllroy
2020-12-01Learning process: http://5md.at/l/ac40cdf
2020-11-26I still use some shell scripts that I wrote 30 or 40 years ago, and this is not at all unusual among long-time Unix users. -- Brian Kernighan
2020-09-26Nintendo Donkey Kong 1982: http://5md.at/l/20921e4

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